Germany to suspend Amazon aid to Brazil

Rodiano Bonacci
Agosto 11, 2019

Sao Paulo―Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon increased 278 percent year-over-year in July, according to official data released Tuesday by a government institute embroiled in a row with President Jair Bolsonaro over the scale of the problem.

Data from INPE, an institution of worldwide repute, shows that deforestation has increased 40 percent in the last twelve months compared with the same period a year ago.

The figures are the highest recorded since the INPE started gathering data in 2014.

"This is a very serious setback", said Malu Ribeiro, a project coordinator at SOS Mata Atlantica, a nonprofit organization whose work focuses on another endangered area, Brazil's Atlantic Forest. "They are trying to forcefully implement an agenda of deconstruction, of deregulation, with total disrespect for institutions, or science", Ribeiro said.

The institute's president left his position last week after Mr Bolsonaro criticised deforestation data.

Over the past seven months, Bolsonaro and Salles have worked to weaken environmental legislation. Before removing him from his post, Bolsonaro had said Galvao was "in the service of some NGOs". Galvao has strongly denied manipulating statistics, and has received backing from scientists and academics since his dismissal.

The data was produced by a monitoring system called DETER, which has been producing daily alerts on deforestation based on satellite images since 2004.

Since taking power in January, Bolsonaro has been accused of harming the Amazon and indigenous tribes in order to benefit his supporters in the logging, mining and farming industries.

The government will launch a campaign to defend Brazilian exports, he told reporters.

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