Boris Johnson needs to form an electoral pact with the Brexit Party

Rodiano Bonacci
Agosto 12, 2019

The poll of 2,003 adults in the United Kingdom conducted between the 8th and 9th of August found that when asked what Prime Minister Boris Johnson should do if he is unable to make changes to the Withdrawal Agreement - enabling it to pass the House of Commons - 46 per cent of respondents said he should "go ahead with Brexit on October 31st even if it means leaving with "no deal".

THE possibility of a snap general election after a no-deal Brexit appears to be growing after No 10 cancelled government advisers' holiday until after October 31.

The IFG says that with the limited time remaining, MPs will find it hard to repeat the process that led to the passing of the "Cooper Act" in March, which required Theresa May to seek the current extension.

The Institute for Government has claimed that "time is running out" for the Remainers who are attempting to delay Brexit, and that "simply voting against" no-deal can not stop Boris Johnson. Reports that Mr Johnson would ignore calls for him to step down appear to have the backing of the public.

Earlier this week, former supreme court judge Lord Sumption stated that MPs could only prevent a no-deal Brexit and general election by tabling a confidence vote in Mr Johnson and successfully forming a new government in the 14 days before an election would be automatically triggered.

'The prime minister could try to face down parliament and trigger an election, but that prospect comes with a high risk of losing office, and he may decide it is too high a price to pay'.

Meanwhile, several drugmakers have stockpiled drugs, fearing that a no-deal Brexit would make it harder for them to import products and raw materials due to the absence of formalized trade rules between the United Kingdom and European Union. One in five has started hoarding goods, spending around £380 each - with 74 per cent piling up food, 46 per cent storing drinks and 50 per cent stocking up on medicine for themselves, found a poll by finance provider Premium Credit.

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