DJI’s New Osmo 3 Gimbal Is Foldable & Perfect for Travel

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Августа 13, 2019

Judging by the pictures this new Osmo Mobile 3 will be made of plastic, so it should be light-weight too (but not quite as durable as a metal gimbal). Last year, DJI released the second generation of their gimbal for smartphones - Osmo Mobile 2 - featuring longer battery life and new smart features.

New Osmo Mobile 3 can be folded. A trigger helps maneuver the gimbal by locking orientation, rotating the gimbal for selfies, and even re-centering when tracking a subject. Quick Roll mode moves the docked phone from portrait to landscape orientation without having to remove the smartphone from the cradle.

When locked down for travel, the Osmo Mobile 3 has dimensions of 157 x 130 x 46 mm (6.18 x 5.11 x 1.8 in), with DJI promising quick fold-out action to 285 x 125 x 103 mm (11.2 x 4.9 x 4 in) when a photo or movie moment presents itself to the smartphone user. That was honestly a big issue with the Osmo Mobile because the gimbal plus the carrying case took up a lot of space and simply didn't make sense.

By using ActiveTrack, users can tap the trigger once, and Osmo Mobile 3 will begin tracking while keeping the subject centered within the frame. Additionally, users have the option to customize zoom speed based on personal preference.

Story Mode: Bring creative editing to your video with a host of preset music, video transitions, and filters. Choose one of 13 fun templates and Mimo will handle the camera movement for you. After shooting, the app automatically generates a short edited video, ready to be shared instantly.

Gesture Control: This function can snap a selfie without pressing any buttons.

ActiveTrack 3.0: DJI's image recognition and deep learning algorithms allow Osmo Mobile 3 to recognize and follow selected subjects with a simple tap on the screen. Zooming in and out with the dedicated zoom slider on the side of the stabilizer is also possible.

HyperLapse: Users can add movement by manually moving Osmo Mobile 3.

Panorama: Get a wider perspective with panorama mode.

Slow Motion: Available as 4X or 8X Slow Motion.

Osmo Mobile 3 is available for purchase today. One small, but important feature that is missing is a built-in tripod that would have made it easy to put the whole phone plus gimbal set-up aside to rest between shots.

"When we began designing Osmo Mobile 3, we went back to the drawing board with the goal of creating a portable yet intuitive product that uses the latest DJI technology", said DJI's Senior Product Manager, Paul Pan. Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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