Google Assistant Picks Up Assignable Reminders

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Agosto 16, 2019

Greg will get notified again at the exact time you asked your Assistant to remind him.

You can send and receive reminders only from people who are in your Google family group or those who have their accounts linked to the same Smart Display or speaker as you and are Voice Matched. Don't worry if you have a young kid who likes to talk to Google - you can restrict certain users from sending reminders in case you don't want to get berated with notifications.

It is worth noting this new function will also work for location-based reminders, too. The recipient must also be in the sender's Google Contacts. As of right now, there is no way to do so via a smart speaker or a smart display, though Google is apparently working on this for the future.

It's one thing to get a direct message from a significant other, housemate or parent; it's quite another to have Google Assistant act as an intermediary, to hear Google's software agent call you out for your inaction over its connected speaker the moment it detects your presence. And if this article is now making you anxious family members have yet another way of nagging you, you can block people from sending your reminders though the Assistant's settings. You could send a reminder like, "Hey Google, remind Sarah that she is going to crush her presenation at work tomorrow." . You can adjust these settings in the Assignable Reminders section in Assistant Settings. Glenn Wilson, the group product manager for Google Assistant, told Engadget that it's possible that eventually, reminders will include photos and not just text.

"This is just a pure reminders functionality right now, but I can see this becoming far more multimedia in the future", he said.

For now, the feature will only roll out to English-speaking users in the US, UK and Australia.

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