2nd de-orbiting maneuver for Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft performed successfully today

Rodiano Bonacci
Settembre 6, 2019

The scientific community across the world has have their eyes glued as the mission may uncover mysteries surrounding the moon's south pole.

The orbit of Vikram Lander is 35 km x 101 km.

Former NASA astronaut Jerry M Linenger on Thursday said that landing Chandrayaan-2 on the south pole of the moon is a milestone for the entire world and not just India.

The Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft continued to orbit the moon at a perigee of 96 km and apogee of 125 km.

As ISRO waits with bated breath for the soft-landing of Chandrayaan-2's "Vikram" module on the Moon in the dark hours of Saturday, a top space scientist recalled his "nail-biting moment" experience during the launch of India's first lunar mission more than a decade ago.

Now, the lander is scheduled to powered descent between 1 am to 2 am on September 7, which will then be followed by touch down between 1.30 am and 2.30 am. A successful landing will make India the fourth country after the US, erstwhile USSR and China to have landed on the moon.

"No matter the outcome, it will be a success, not only for India but the planet", he added.

Described as "15 minutes of terror" by ISRO chief K Sivan, the event will significantly change the outlook of future missions to the moon. "I will definitely be on the edge of my seat", he said.

16 students of Kendriya Vidyalaya are going to witness the landing of Chandrayaan-2 along with PM Narendra Modi on September 7, 2019 from the ISRO Control Room, ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) facility in Bengaluru. In a major milestone for India's second Moon mission, the Chandrayaan-2 had successfully entered the lunar orbit on August 20 by performing LOI manoeuvre.

According to ISRO, the lunar South Pole is especially interesting because of the lunar surface area here that remains in shadow is much larger than that at the North Pole.

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