Battle at Big Rock Announced

Brunilde Fioravanti
Settembre 11, 2019

Colin Trevorrow, the director/co-writer of Jurassic World and co-writer/producer of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, announced Wednesday on Twitter that he has made a secret short film set within the Jurassic universe called Battle at Big Rock. I don't know the ins and outs of that deal, but the original Jurassic World is already scheduled to air at 7:20pm ET/PT this Sunday night on FX, so Battle at Big Rock will nearly certainly be attached to that.

Trevorrow isn't giving much away about Battle at Big Rock, other than the cast and crew list.

The short, starring André Holland, Natalie Martinez, Melody Hurd, and Pierson Salvador, will premiere Sunday on FX (the network is airing World at 7:30 p.m. ET) and then be released immediately online according to Trevorrow. The film will also star some new dinosaurs as well, including the much anticipated Nascutoceratops, a dinosaur Trevorrow describes as "a attractive herbivore that feels like a Texas Longhorn". The coolest part? We will be getting a "massive animatronic" to bring us right into the action.

Jurassic World 3, with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, is scheduled for release June 11, 2021.

It's unclear at this point if Trevorrow is directing this short, or just co-writing alongside Emily Carmichael (who co-wrote Pacific Rim Uprising and is also co-writing Jurassic World 3).

Though there's little to go on aside from the poster, Battle at Big Rock might be about the dinosaurs that escaped death in the last Jurassic Park installment. Cinematographer Larry Fong was tapped to work on the project as well. And it's coming real soon, in a manner you probably didn't expect.

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