Boris Johnson heckled during speech: 'Get back to parliament'

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Settembre 13, 2019

"The clear intention of the Prime Minister in pursuing this strategy of non co-operation with, and attempted disruption of the European Union is to subvert the clear will and frustrate the unequivocal intention of the Union Parliament as expressed in the 2019 act that the United Kingdom not leave the European Union on October 31 2019 without a deal".

However, he said that despite the current political deadlock in the United Kingdom, he said he still thinks that Britain wants to leave the EU.

She insisted the United Kingdom "must leave as one nation".

It has been claimed the party, which supports the government with a supply and confidence relationship, was willing to move its red lines on Brexit to back a Northern Ireland only trade deal.

The PM's comments come after Parliament passed a law forcing him to ask for an extension to Brexit.

The remainers have personally named Mr Johnson in their petition after he repeatedly said that he would refuse to ask for an extension.

The same court will also hear an appeal in a case brought by campaigner Gina Miller over the suspension.

Johnson says his aim is to get a deal and has repeatedly said he will seek to get an agreement at the European Union summit to remove the Irish border backstop, an insurance agreement to prevent the return of border controls between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic after Brexit. The European Union would respond positively if the British government shifts its position in Brexit talks in the coming weeks, Ireland's Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said. He said the threat of a no-deal Brexit might help make the British debate "more honest".

He said he would've liked for the British parliament to accept the Withdrawal Agreement, adding that "things would be easier" now.

He ruled that whether or not to prorogue Parliament was for politicians, not the courts, to decide.

Europe's chief Brexit negotiator has warned European lawmakers that he has no reason to be optimistic that Brussels and London will agree an orderly divorce.

A group of pro-EU campaigners have called upon senior Scottish judges to consider imprisoning the Prime Minister if he ignores Parliament and pursues a "no deal" Brexit.

Mr Johnson went on to deny lying to the Queen to secure the five-week prorogation of Parliament. He has said he would rather "die in a ditch" than push back the meaning date beyond October 31.

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