Brooke Skylar Richardson not guilty in 2017 death of newborn daughter

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Settembre 13, 2019

Jurors have begun deliberations in the murder trial of a young OH woman accused of killing and burying her newborn daughter. The prosecution asserted that after providing birth at her home, Richardson murdered her newborn child and buried her baby's remains in her backyard.

The jury found Richardson not guilty of aggravated murder, not guilty of involuntary manslaughter, not guilty of child endangerment and guilty of abuse of a corpse.

So what really happened to Ms Richardson and her baby on the early hours of May 7? Prosecutors said Richardson had searched on the internet for "how to get rid of a baby".

She was 18 when she secretly gave birth in 2017, then buried the infant in her family's backyard in southwest Ohio. Fornshell's team argued they were evidence she never intended for the child to live.

Later forensic analysis would conclude the remains had not been burned.

The defense upheld that detectives basically placed those words in Richardson's mouth during those police interviews.

"I think this was a case that absolutely deserved to be tried", he said.

It was also determined that examining the bones of a corpse can not show signs of suffocation or drowning.

Richardson pictured last week in court.

Photos posted by local station WCPO showed her breaking down in tears as the verdict was rendered. They say her baby was stillborn and that she was sad and scared afterward.

Richardson shook and cried as the not guilty verdicts were read. He told the jury that she would hide food, and said he would sometimes hear her throwing up. "It wasn't unusual for me to hear her get sick". I hated to hear it, but I never wanted her to talk about it and make her feel bad about it.

They just didn't have enough medical evidence to convict, he said.

Chris Curry, an English teacher at Ms Richardson's high school, also testified that she once wrote an essay on her eating disorders in class, People reported.

Cincinnati psychologist Stuart Bassman said "Skylar was being manipulated" into making false statements during interrogations. Her eyes were closed, and Richardson said she can't remember if she saw an umbilical cord.

She also sent a text message to her mother about her belly after giving birth.

"We love you so much", her mother said to her, reported People magazine.

Dr. William Andrew at Hilltop Obstetrics and Gynecology determined Richardson was about 32 weeks pregnant on April 26, 2017. "I really don't know what I planned to do".

She also told police she looked into an abortion, but it was too late to have one.

She was found guilty of corpse abuse. She broke down in court when she was acquitted. He characterized the decision to try the case anyway as an expression of prosecutors' responsibility to the child.

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