Texas GOP lawmaker's tweet escalates tension over guns

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Settembre 13, 2019

Republican legislator Briscoe Cain's tweet was deleted by Twitter after the Democrat called it a "death threat". O'Rourke, discussing stricter gun laws, said: "Hell yes, we're gonna take your AR-15".

The Texas state lawmaker's original tweet was removed by Twitter for violating the company's rules, which state that a user "may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people".

Former congressman Beto O'Rourke's vow to take AR-15s from gun owners appears to represent a stark reversal from his failed Senate run past year.

This is a death threat, Representative. Clearly, you shouldn't own an AR-15-and neither should anyone else.

Cain later responded to that, calling O'Rourke a "child". He singled out the AK-47 and the AR-15, a weapon used by a number of recent mass shooters. "My sons and I have gone skeet shooting and hunting and, frankly, I don't think having our presidential candidates, like congressman O'rourke did, say that we're going to try and take people's guns against their will is a wise either policy or political move".

Liberal MSNBC host Joy Reid defended Democratic calls for confiscation of AR-15s on Thursday, saying the only people she knew with those rifles were just "collectors" anyway. At Thursday night's primary debate, he said "hell yes" he would take those guns. The attack killed seven people and injured more than 20.

O'Rourke changed his stance on an assault weapons ban shortly after a racist shooting occurred in his hometown of El Paso, Texas, earlier this summer.

An O'Rourke spokesperson told The Verge that the campaign reported the tweet as a threat to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Cain is a lawyer who was first elected in 2016 and is part of the small Freedom Caucus in the Texas House that represents the GOP's most socially conservative wing. "They're not normally people who are out there shooting deer with them".

An outspoken supporter of Second Amendment rights, Cain was kicked out of the Texas Democratic Party convention in 2018 after he showed up with what appeared to be a sidearm and began handing out fake yard signs that said, "This home is a gun-free safe space", the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

He added: "If you own a gun, keep that gun".

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