Celine Dion Begs Drake Not to Get a Tattoo of Her Face

Brunilde Fioravanti
Settembre 21, 2019

"Please, Drake, I love you very much, can I tell you something, don't do that", she said. Ink-gate kicked off when Dion and Drake bumped into one another backstage at Billboard Music Awards last spring and the rapper told the singer, "You're very iconic". "You can write me love letters". We can sing together. I can talk to your mother.

She went on to caution that aging would not enhance the art for either of them.

Céline Dion has a request for fellow Canadian Drake: Don't get my face tattooed on your body. I mean, does it get any more on brand for Celine than that?

Adding that age won't treat the tattoo kindly, Dion continued: "As you get older - you, too, when the time comes - my face will go longer and it will go no prettier". "So please, don't tattoo. Please don't tattoo. If you do it, just do a fake one".

Drake already has a vast array of artists' portraits tattooed on his body - including images of Rihanna, Sade, Lil Wayne, and Aaliyah. But Celine does not want to be a part of this party. "I'm like a year away from a Celine tat", Drake said.

The God's Plan star has always been a massive fan of the superstar, and was overcome with emotion when he finally met her at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017. I can have you home for lunch or dinner. That was 2017 and if my calculations are correct, we are now in 2019. I know I sure would.

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