'South Park' fires F-bomb in response to China ban

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ottobre 12, 2019

In fact, they made it memorable by their wicked episode 3.

The infamous scene of South Park, which got the show prohibited in China, was screened in the city of Hong Kong on Tuesday evening.

The Chinese government reacted by banning the show and scrubbing all mentions off its internet. Thus, the animated series earned a ban in China. Why would they? The show has entered into its 23rd season and being banned only means that it's likely to grow even more popular as people realize that censorship, being as divisive as it really is sometimes, is just another way to show the true colors of those that have no interest in free thought, expression, or even a hint that they're willing to step outside the box that some are more than willing to force others into.

This was due to the character likening Winnie the Pooh to President Xi Jinping.

The episode also includes a plot line in which a character is caught selling drugs in China and as punishment is sent to a work camp, similar to the mass internment camps in Xinjiang where an estimated one million people, including Uighurs and other Muslim minorities are detained.

This week's episode, titled "Shots!", is largely a takedown of anti-vaxxers, but the b-plot follows up on Randy Marsh's dealings with the Chinese government, which began in last week's "Band in China". As it happens, Towelie, Randy's former business partner, bashes China for its human rights violations and condemns anyone who does business with them. He looks down upon anyone doing business with China.

In hindsight, this was expected after the "apology" of the creators. "South Park" does not air on Chinese television, but pirated versions of episodes have regularly circulated online.

The "apology" from Trey Parker and Matt Stone comes after reports on Monday that China had scrubbed all episodes, clips and content related to the long-running comedy cartoon from Chinese streaming and social media platforms in response to a recent episode that was critical of the country.

Winnie the Pooh has been aggressively censored in China since Xi's election in 2012. Tune into our 300th episode this Wednesday at 10! "We live in a time when the only movies that us American kids go see are the ones that are approved by China", Stan is heard saying during the episode. May this autumn's sorghum harvest be bountiful! They don't matter. They're not good enough to stand next to us.

Clearly, their reaction hints at something special. As he's traveling to China, Randy spots National Basketball Association players, Marvel superheroes, Google executives, and Disney princesses all on the same plane.

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