Leaks: NASA Found Alien Life on Mars in the 1970s

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 15, 2019

Scientific Americanby NASA scientist Gilbert Levin, we may have already learned we are not alone in the Universe during an experiment Levin led for NASA 's mission to Mars in 1976.

We've spent decades and billions of dollars to answer one simple question: is there life on Mars? The spacecraft, which were the first from the United States to make a safe landing on the Red Planet, returned images and data from the planet's surface, and the two landers helped shape future missions to Mars.

The smoking gun, according to Levin: the mission detected positive results during the Labeled Release life detection experiment, which he spearheaded.

The test involved mixing a sample of Martian soil and a nitrogen-based nutrient solution label with a unique radioactive compound.

The idea is that if there are microorganisms in the soil, they would metabolize the nutrients and cause the production of radioactive carbon dioxide gas or radioactive methane.

Levin recounts how "amazingly" the initial results of the experiment were Mars landers some 4, 000 miles apart.

He likewise pointed out evidence that was obtained after NASA's Viking mission had supported his conclusion.

And Levin is adamant: 1000's of dependable assessments with Earth-based soil and microbial cultures conducted on time, he argues, assist the outcomes.

Unfortunately, NASA discarded the results of the LR experiment because the Viking Molecular Analysis Experiment failed to detect organic matter.

A former NASA scientist, in a fantastic op-ed, said that he is 100% certain that NASA has found pieces of evidence of life on Mars back in the 1970s.

Levin actually criticized the space agency for not taking into account the RL findings, even if the company said that they found a substance that's mimicking life, but it's not actually life.

"A panel of expert scientists should review all pertinent data of the Viking LR together with other and more recent evidence concerning life on Mars", Levin wrote.

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