NASA unveils spacesuit designed for first woman on the moon

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 17, 2019

The new generation of spacesuits offer key advantages over those of the Apollo-era, the space agency said.

Boeing past year delivered the propulsion system that will give the Orion the ability to travel thousands of miles beyond the moon and back on the first unmanned mission using the SLS.

Kristine Davis, a spacesuit engineer at the Jonson Space Center, demonstrated this suit.

The spacesuit designed for exploring the Moon's surface is called the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU), and the one for launch and re-entry aboard NASA's Orion spacecraft is known as the Orion Crew Survival System, Xinhua reported.

The suit is more flexible than previous generation suits, allowing astronauts to squat to pick up rocks and move more easily. It features insulation that can withstand temperature ranges of -150C to 120C.

Artemis astronauts will be more nimble than ever before with mobility enhancements in the new suits, preventing the iconic "bunny hopping" motion of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. "Well now we're actually going to be able to walk on the surface of the moon which is very different than our suits of the past", Bridenstine said. On Tuesday, NASA unveiled two spacesuits to be worn by astronauts involved in future crewed-space missions, in a demonstration at NASA headquarters. It will be worn by astronauts when they launch into space on the Orion capsule and return to Earth. Astronauts will wear a much greater, mostly white suit on the lunar floor.

The next time USA astronauts touch down on the Moon, we can expect them to walk nearly as they do on Earth, thanks to the new-generation spacesuits that are several levels over those from the Apollo-era.

Back in March, the agency experienced worldwide embarrassment as plans to conduct the first all-female spacewalk in history were derailed by a lack of enough space suits that fit female astronauts.

"McClain learned during her first spacewalk that a medium-size hard upper torso - essentially the shirt of the spacesuit - fits her best". We'll have a telecon later today.

NASA and Boeing have initiated a contract for the production of 10 Space Launch System core stages and up to eight Exploration Upper Stages to support the third through the twelfth Artemis missions.

According to a NASA blogpost, Koch and Meir have been readying their spacesuits and reviewing procedures for the planned spacewalk. They plan to exploit its water ice, with plans to set it up as a staging ground for an eventual Mars mission.

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