Yes, The Batman's Robert Pattinson Is Psyched About Zoe Kravitz As Catwoman

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ottobre 22, 2019

Thankfully, lead star Robert Pattinson isn't one of those annoying alt-right jerks and actually has good things to say.

At the moment, it is unknown what kind of Batsuit We will see in the movie, if something more realistic, type what we saw in the Chris Nolan movies, or if we will see something more attached to the comics as Zack Snyder already did, and that would be the logical movement to repeat. Speaking with Yahoo Movies, Pattinson revealed that he hasn't cast his eyes upon the final version of his new Batsuit, but he has heard some interesting notions coming from director Matt Reeves.

I'm eager to see how Matt Reeves approaches Catwoman and Batman's relationship.

"Yes! Zoe's great and I've known her for years and years and years", he told ET when asked if he thinks she has what it takes to play the iconic character.

Pattinson had previously said that he expected a backlash over his casting as Batman and now he is happy about not receiving "death threats" for the role.

"I may watch it today around evening time!" He called Joaquin the best and said he is awesome in everything. Should Phoenix change his mind and decide to confront Pattinson's Batman in the future, it's pretty obvious there are fans who would welcome the battle with a smile on their faces. Now, this information only means that we won't see Pattinson and Phoenix's characters meet, but it does not mean that Batman vs. Joker's face-off won't occur at some point.

The Batman is slated for launch on 25th June 2021 in each the United Kingdom and USA, and is reportedly a stand-alone movie, moderately than an origins story, though the movie's plot is being saved beneath wraps for now.

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