Sony Interactive Entertainment Appoints New Head of Worldwide Studios

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Novembre 8, 2019

It sounds Ryan believes that, if Sony were to include exclusives in PlayStation Now right away, it would detract from the large launches those games typically enjoy.

"I really want to reinforce the point that globalisation does not mean Americanisation, or vice versa", he said. Speaking with Jim Ryan, has been told that the launch of games like The Last of Us 2 and will remain "massive entertainment events" moving forward and will not come to PlayStation Now. It was also revealed that Yoshida will remain at the company, but will now be leading a new initiative with a focus on working with external independent developers, "creating new and unexpected experiences for the gaming community". Many felt PlayStation had shifted their back on independent developers with creative ideas to more bankable blockbuster games.

Guerrilla Video games' Co-founder and Managing Director, Hermen Hulst, will gain on a brand unique role inner Sony, fantastic straight.

In the past PlayStation's regional arms were able to act autonomously, signing their own games and setting their own marketing budgets. He said the company pivoted to support indies in the VR space, and has "been engaged with human resource, we've been very financially supportive, we've been sharing experiences as people start to learn about what makes a great VR experience". Luckily, for development teams, the PlayStation 4's innards made things much simpler.

As Sony announced today, Hermen Hulst will take over as head of Worldwide Studios, while Angie Smets, Michael van der Leeuw, and Jan Barter Bridges will lead Guerrilla Games.

Just as Microsoft is doing, PlayStation will look to add more studios to its portfolio, but Ryan speaks of a measured approach. "If we are nimble, flexible and global, we can work with smaller developers to allow those countries' specific needs to be met". A hefty task I'm sure you'll agree.

PlayStation was well known to be a big supporter of indie games, especially during the PS3 era, where games such as Journey, Flower, and The Unfinished Swan could prosper.

"That process, this time around, has been massively more streamlined compared to anything we've done in the past". That's not happening anymore.

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