Body of Seinfeld actor Charles Levin eaten by vultures

Brunilde Fioravanti
Novembre 9, 2019

The badly decomposed body of television actor Charles Levin was found at the bottom of a remote hill in OR, according to police documents obtained by NBC News. The Seinfeld star Charles Levin's body found near a remote mountain area and now reports suggest that his body was partially eaten by the vultures.

Levin's decomposed body was found partially consumed by vultures down a steep slope, according to new details from police obtained from the Daily Mail. The actor - who played the part of a nervous mohel in an episode of Seinfeld - was reported missing July 8 by his son, Jesse, after not hearing from him since June 28.

The officer who compiled the report also noted there was garments discovered in the vicinity of the body "not involved with Charles" he gathered the things as proof as their proximity to the human body and the point that it was not clothed "appeared too much of a coincidence to dismiss".

He was believed to have fallen down a ravine when he attempted to call for help.

"His auto was pretty banged up and was off a logging trail". The reports further suggest that his body possessed evidence of animal scavenging, likely in the form of turkey vultures.

The unnamed local who discovered his body and vehicle told The Daily Mail that it looked like he was trying to take a back route to Grants Pass, but the road he went down was remote and did not have any signs. The actor body also had traces of bird faeces on it.

Levin was able to be identified through dental records with a coroner subsequently recording that his death was "accidental".

Documents from the department revealed that Levin had been dead for days after discovering his body at the bottom of a 30-foot ravine.

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