Wine cellar in space: 12 bottles arrive for yearlong stay

Rodiano Bonacci
Novembre 9, 2019

But the wines weren't a part of the International Space Station's Christmas dinner planning; researchers hope to review how radiation in space impacts the aging course. The wine will remain bottled (sorry, astronauts) and aboard the ISS under controlled temperatures for 12 months, after which time it will be analyzed at the Institut Des Sciences De La Vigne Et Du Vin (ISVV) at the University of Bordeaux. Simple - the flavor of wine changes as it ages here on Earth with our gravity, but will the effect of zero gravity on the ISS change the flavor of wine over time? The goal is to develop new flavours and properties for the food industry.

The 12 bottles of Grand Cru, packed in protective metal containers, docked at the International Space Station after being rocketed into space by NASA.

Although the outlet points out that the experiment looks promising for wine lovers, who may be able to taste a "space-aged" variant of their favourite drink, or wine producers, who are seeking new niches, the start-up is focusing on the scientific dimension.

The reason why wine was chosen for the experiment is that it involves the use of both yeast and bacteria and a chemical reaction, which makes it ideal for a space experiment.

Not only are the bottles of wine aboard the ISS for scientific research, but according to Quartz, they're also meant as bait for the wealthy to fund the experiment through a "luxury goods partnership that will deliver a customized chest full of objects flown to space to ultra-wealthy sponsors, called patrons, who back the project". "This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure", Nicolas Gaume, chief government and co-founder of Area Cargo Limitless, mentioned in an announcement. As per reports, this is first of the six space missions planned by the company over the next three years.

The Cygnus capsule that pulled up to the space station on Monday contains multiple commercial ventures. Scotch also made a visit to space in another experiment. A French astronaut took along a bottle of wine aboard shuttle Discovery in 1985. The idea is to see what effect, if any, space conditions have on the microorganisms living in wine.

Q: Why did 12 bottles of vino fetch launched into home?

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