Leonids putting on a meteor show this weekend

Rodiano Bonacci
Novembre 16, 2019

The annual Leonid meteor shower peaks Sunday night into Monday morning, NASA says.

The yearly light-weight present, which is recognized for getting vibrant and distinct, will peak around the Uk this weekend with up to 15 capturing stars each hour.

House company NASA is advising viewers to look to the west in buy to get the flawless see, however a virtually complete moon and the present unhealthy climate circumstances might make taking a look at it harder than in prior years.

The diminutive Comet Tempel-Tuttle will cross Earth's orbit, creating a vaporizing shower of debris in the atmosphere. Check online to see when it will be visible in your part of the world.

So named because the meteor shower seems to fan out from the constellation of Leo, the display happens from November 6-30, with the highest concentrations of meteors taking place this weekend. They are also fast - Leonids travel at speeds of 44 mile per second and are considered to be among the fastest meteors.

Leonids also has a history of fireballs and earthgrazer meteors.

While no Leonids meteor storms - in which up to 1,000 pass in an hour - are expected for a long time, the ones that do cross the sky should be relatively easy to see, says a story from space.com.

A Leonid meteor streaking through the sky. Fireballs are brighter and larger and can last longer than the average meteor, while earthgrazers appear close to the horizon with long, colorful tails. There is another big meteor event coming up next week when the obscure Alpha Monocerotoids could produce a meteor storm. If you want to photograph the Leonid meteor shower, NASA suggests using a camera with manual focus on a tripod with a shutter release cable or built-in timer, fitted with a wide-angle lens.

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