Intel CPU shortages hurting Dell, which has just cut revenue forecast

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Dicembre 2, 2019

However, a new well-timed report coming out of South Korea is claiming that Samsung will produce desktop processors for Intel. According to a South Korean media report first spotted by Sammobile, Intel has reached out to TSMC and Samsung to offload some of the production to their fabs to keep up with the higher-than-expected demand.

So this report has something of a ring of truth about it given the overall picture, and perhaps at this point, it's unlikely Intel really cares how CPU production is upped - but just that it has to be ramped up, and quickly, before the confidence of big manufacturers really starts to ebb. "In addition to expanding Intel's own manufacturing capability, we are increasing our use of foundries to enable Intel's differentiated manufacturing to produce more Intel CPU products", Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Sales, Marketing and Communications Group, said.

In subcontracting, Samsung includes 10 nm subnodes as well as 14 nm silicon production and also undertakes other important stages of processor production, including packaging.

Samsung now has the capability to make 14nm and 10nm chips, although it is unclear exactly what node Intel hopes to borrow Samsung's expertise for.

Among the third-party silicon manufacturing companies, Samsung and TSMC's production facilities lead the way, followed by GlobalFoundries and UMC's production facilities. Intel, however, was ready to work with TSMC anyway, but Samsung was eventually picked, possibly because of the collaboration between TSMC and Intel rival AMD.

Although we often hear that AMD has dominated the desktop market lately, Intel still has a major share in the CPU market for laptops. Therefore, it is possible to say that both parties will benefit from this agreement with Samsung.

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