Apple plans software fix for 16-inch MacBook Pro 'speaker popping'

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Dicembre 8, 2019

If you're among the MacBook Pro users whose 13-inch variant of the laptop keeps shutting down all of a sudden for no reason - with a variety of reports noting that seems to happen when the la... The problem seems to be related to when audio first starts or stops, where users submit their complaints to Apple Support forums, Reddit, Twitter and more.

The internal memo sent to authorized Apple service providers, obtained by MacRumors, explains that popping occurs when audio playback stops.

Unfortunately, if the steps above suggested by Apple don't solve the shutdown issue for you, the next step listed is - you guessed it - to contact Apple.

The problem may appear in the MacBook Pro model after audio has stopped playing from an application, though some users experience the popping noise during audio playback. Apple is investigating the problem. The leaked Apple memo indicates the noise can be fixed using a software update.

Apple today published a new support document that describes the troubleshooting steps for users experiencing problems with unexpected shutdowns on the 13-inch MacBook Pro for basic level 2019 with two Thunderbolt 3 ports, which was introduced in July. Do not set up service, or replace the user's computer, as this is a software-related issue.

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