Ousted Ghosn seeks retirement benefit from Renault

Cornelia Mascio
Gennaio 14, 2020

The tie-up has been in management turmoil since Ghosn's arrest in Tokyo in November 2018 on allegations of financial misconduct, which he denies.

The potential split would become the latest indicator of the growing tension within the 20-year-old alliance. The company could terminate the long standing partnership in engineering and technology and is considering further changes to Nissan's board, according to the report.

The Financial Times added that in the event of the alliance's relations being terminated, the vehicle manufacturers will have to look for new partners to survive the competitive market.

The fugitive vehicle chief has launched an industrial tribunal case in France to reinstate the money, which he lost when resigning from Renault's board a year ago after being arrested on criminal charges in Japan.

However, the French auto major is apparently making efforts to save the partnership. It would come at the worst time as new alliances, such as Fiat Chrysler (with whom Renault unsuccessfully attempted to merge last year) and PSA and Volkswagen and Ford, form lucrative relationships.

Ghosn is widely credited for saving Nissan from collapse when the company was on the verge of bankruptcy almost two decades ago, and stood behind the creation of the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance was first created in 1999, after the French carmaker purchased shares in Nissan.

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