USA gives Ukraine president 'important data' on deadly plane crash in Iran

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Gennaio 14, 2020

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said yesterday (Jan 9) that multiple intelligence sources indicated that an Iranian missile downed Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 after it took off from Tehran.

Ukraine's ambassador to Canada says Ukraine has sent 45 specialists to Tehran to work on the investigation into the deadly crash of flight 752.

Iran's civil aviation chief, however, said he was "certain" that the plane was not hit by a missile.

Iran this morning released images purportedly showing the plane's two black boxes, which contain recorded data from the jetliner, though it remains unclear whether it will turn the boxes over to outside investigators.

He ended the tweet by saying, "We appreciate any country who can provide information to the committee in charge".

The Ukraine International Airlines flight to Kiev from Tehran crashed on Wednesday, when Iran was on alert for a USA military response hours after firing missiles at US targets in Iraq. Those killed in the crash also include ten Swedes, four citizens of Afghanistan, three Germans, and three Britons.

The Foreign Office advice came as Western leaders said intelligence suggested the Ukrainian aircraft was mistakenly shot down by an Iranian missile amid escalating tensions between Iran and the US.

Lufthansa said the move was a "precautionary measure" and it would decide if and when its flights to Iran would resume when it had more information.

One US official said that US satellites had detected the launch of two missiles shortly before the plane crashed, followed by evidence of an explosion.

It is Iran's worst civil aviation disaster since 1988 when the USA military said it shot down an Iran Air plane by mistake, killing all 290 people on board.

Iran was inviting experts from Boeing, the jetliner's manufacturer, to join the investigation into the crash, the Iranian official news agency IRNA said on Friday, while the US National Transportation Safety Board said it had received "formal notification" of the crash from Iran and had designated a representative to the crash inquiry.

No details were provided as to when Iran will send the black box over.

Iran denied that the airliner had been hit by a missile.

The pilot did not call the tower because "he must have been trying to save the airplane before anything else", Abedzadeh said.

Intelligence officials at the Pentagon said the missiles were likely fired in error by crews on alert for U.S. response to the Iran rocket strike hours earlier.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada said it was making arrangements to tour the site after an Iranian invitation.

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