Human brain found in package originating from Toronto at US border

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Февраля 20, 2020

The brain was found at the Blue Water Bridge crossing, between MI and the Canadian province of Ontario, on 14 February, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized a human brain sent through the mail near the Michigan-Canadian border last week, the agency said.

They explained that the manifest listed the item as an 'antique teaching specimen'.

CBP officials said there was no paperwork or documentation in support of the specimen's lawful entry into the U.S.

According to CBP, the package originated in Toronto and was bound for Kenosha, Wisc.

CBP agriculture specialists in Port Huron are now in contact with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the brain specimen.

Due to the fact that blood and other bodily fluids that can leak from containers could potentially pose a risk to human health, the Center for Disease Control says that there are strict procedures for the importation of human remains into the US. "This is just another great example of just one of the many things CBP officers do to protect our nation on a daily basis".

CBP agriculture specialists were seeking advice from the CDC over rules related to "infectious biological agents, infectious substances, and vectors for final disposition of the specimen".

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