Man Utd vs Liverpool combined XI: Who makes Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane's team?

Paola Ditto
Февраля 20, 2020

Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher discussed who would be the combined XI of the current Liverpool team and the Manchester United triple victor team of & # 39; 99.

Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane developed their combined Man Utd '99 and Liverpool '20 XI - and there were a couple of arguments ...

The set had been charged with selecting who will surely make the line-up containing the routine starting XIs from Manchester United's treble-winning group from 1999, and the Premier League champions-in-waiting of this era's Liverpool aspect.

It may not surprise that there are some minor discrepancies between Carra and Keane, even if Keane himself should make the cut.

For the complete video clip, click play over and see just how their group compares to what you would certainly've chosen!

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