Here’s how the Moon looks in 4K resolution

Rodiano Bonacci
Febbraio 27, 2020

The Apollo 13 is still relevant to this day as one of the missions that changed the course of history and has helped improve the understanding of every single individual on earth about space, especially the moon.

If you ever wanted to see the moon from the perspective of the Apollo 13 astronauts, this is probably what you were waiting for.

NASA said the astronauts were in darkness for eight minutes when they were between earthset and sunrise until the lunar terrain emerged. The video has been sped up, showing various parts of the lunar surface.

The video also depicts the path that the Apollo 13 took, to bring back the astronauts safely.

NASA is now prepping America's first crewed moon landing since 1972 as part of its Artemis space program.

Swigert said the famous words, "Houston, we've had a problem here", during the mission.

At the time, the crew was able to use the Moon's gravity to slingshot the spacecraft around and back to Earth.

The crew, which included Fred Haise ( left), Jim Lovell (middle) and Jack Swigert (right), had to abandon the main command module and use the moon-landing Lunar module as a lifeboat to coast back to Earth.

Although stunning, the video does not show the true hardships the crew suffered while their lives dangled by a thread.

During this time they suffered from dehydration, ate little food and fought off frigid temperatures.

Thanks to Pink Floyd, we've known for decades what the "Dark Side of the Moon" sounds like.

NASA team reported that they are still in trials about the space agency and the astronauts.

The visualizations show various views of the lunar surface, starting with Earthset (the apparent setting of Earth below the lunar horizon, as seen from a spacecraft, or satellite, emerging from the far side of the moon) and sunrise, and finishing off at the time Apollo 13 was able to re-establish radio contact with Mission Control.

This relatively unexplored region is mountainous and rugged, making a successful landing much harder to achieve.

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