Australia's coronavirus death toll rises after another cruise ship passenger dies

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Marzo 26, 2020

Since then, 133 passengers have been diagnosed with coronavirus and a 78-year-old female passenger became the eighth person to die from the virus in Australia. However, they will not be alone in quarantine, as the island's "happy" residents, quokkas, will be on hand to put a smile on their faces. Whilst there is no indication at present that anyone onboard the ship is unwell, officials in WA have made the decision to allow all Australians to be transferred to Rottnest Island.

As the Coronavirus pandemic grips the entire world in a lockdown situation, almost 800 passengers in Australia will be quarantined on an island which is home to hundreds of the country's "cutest marsupials" - the quokkas.

Two British tourists found themselves stranded in South Australia last week after getting off the Celebrity Solstice cruise liner in Sydney, and travelling to the city of Adelaide where they were told to quarantine themselves, they told media. About 109 passengers are from New Zealand and 33 from the United Kingdom.

It is understood that none of the 1,500 passengers on the Vasco de Gama have tested positive to Covid-19, and there are no reports of illness on board, but the strict conditions come in the wake of the disastrous handling of the Ruby Princess ship when it landed in New South Wales.

The Vasco da Gama cruise ship is due to arrive at Fremantle Port tomorrow. Quokkas are a nocturnal animal and considered to be an endangered species residing in south-western Australia. That ship is now anchored off the WA coast, attempting to find a port.

Another cruise ship, the Artana, was due to refuel in Fremantle on Tuesday night. Of the 2,700 that entered Sydney, 130 were later tested positive for COVID-19.

"This ship needs to leave immediately", he said, "Our position is clear, we are not going to have a Sydney Harbour fiasco on our watch".

According to the Rottnest Island Authority there are 292 rental accommodation units on the island, as well as some dormitory rooms.

"We are exercising the Rottnest option now for two reasons", McGowan said.

McGowan said a second cruise ship, the MSC Magnifica, which was refused permission to dock in Perth this week, was headed out of Australian waters.

The ship, operated by Carnival Corp's Princess Cruises, had more than 700 coronavirus cases. It has been told by authorities in Dubai that it will not be able to return to port there while transport in and out of the United Arab Emirates is locked down.

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