Lori Loughlin Demands That Judge Drop College Admissions Scandal's Charges

Brunilde Fioravanti
Marzo 26, 2020

According to the New York Post, Loughlin, Giannulli, and other parents involved in the admissions scam asked a judge to dismiss the charges after saying that the prosecutors exhibited "extraordinary" misconduct.

Instead of immediately handing over the notes when they first saw them in October 2018, prosecutors "buried" the evidence and repeatedly told the defense it had provided everything it was supposed to, the parents' lawyers wrote.

Loughlin and her hubby allegedly paid a $500,000 bribe to get their two academically wanting daughters into the University of Southern California by claiming they were members of the rowing team. Singer spoke with investigators in 2018, and wrote in his notes that they were "loud and abrasive", and that they instructed him, during phone calls he recorded, not to repeat to his clients what he initially told them - that they were donating money to an athletic program, rather than any individual person. Singer also claims that the Federal Bureau of Investigation instructed him to lie on recorded calls.

The defense first raised its concerns about the government's handling of the case in a filing last month. "Essentially they are asking me to bend the truth".

Short story. the defense says the government has lied, fabricated incriminating evidence and intentionally withheld evidence it was supposed to turn over that tended to show these were not bribes.

The defense contends that the parents were under the impression that the payments were donations to the school.

"Yeah, no, no, I-I had questions about USC".

In Loughlin's case, according to the docs, she made it clear she did not know the payments were bribes. "But it's all on the up-and-up (inaudible) right?"

They further claim that federal officials allowed Singer to delete thousands of text messages from his cellphone that could have exonerated defendants and "mounted an aggressive (and highly successful) pressure campaign against other defendants to secure guilty pleas and lengthy sentences - all while hiding key exculpatory information from defense counsel, the Probation Office, and this Court".

They then added that "The extraordinary government misconduct presented in this case threatens grave harm to defendants and the integrity of this proceeding".

The trial date announcement comes one day after the couple's attorney filed documents requesting that the court "postpone the setting of any trial dates" until disputes and motions could be "briefed and decided". The attorneys added "That misconduct can not be ignored".

The defense said if the judge doesn't dismiss the case, he should at least prevent prosecutors from using the "tainted recordings" at trial and order a hearing to "uncover the full truth about the recordings and the government's efforts to fabricate and hide evidence".

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