Taylor Swift stuns fans with $3,000 each for their coronavirus hardships

Brunilde Fioravanti
Marzo 26, 2020

Another Twitter user named India had tweeted that her new job had been "cancelled for at least six months" and Swift offered to give her money to "help ease the strain", meaning the fan's rent is secure for the next few months. She left behind two obviously shaken followers n her wake, proving that there's still some good to be found within this pandemic. The fan Samantha Jacobson is a cocktail server at a bar that got shut down amid the covid-19 outbreak. She took to Tumblr to lament her thoughts on wanting to help donate to the causes Taylor had championed on her Instagram, but being unable to.

The Look What You Made Me Do singer reached out to several of her supporters via private message asking for their PayPal details to gift the sums after reading about their struggles online.

"I wish so badly that I could donate to the link Taylor provided but because of COVID-19 my job, my only source of income, is closed for a minimum of 30 days".

With Taylor's help Holly plans to continue to live out the rest of the self-quarantine lockdown and continue to try her luck in the big apple, with her biggest dream being to "be to be able to photograph Taylor Swift".

"Samantha, I saw your tweet about being stressed about bills piling up and I want to help". I want to be there for you now. Swift wrote that these are "some of the organizations" she's been donating to, and asked for others to join her in "donating during this crisis" if they could.

The 30-year-old "Lover" singer sent $3,000 to a fan after she reached out on Tumblr where she said she anxious about continuing to live in New York City due to lack of work.

While the 30-year-old A-lister may be feuding with Kim Kardashian West again, it seems like the KUWTK star is going to have bite her tongue when she implies her nemesis doesn't care about "the suffering millions of real victims are facing right now". I hope this helps.

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