NASA's Perseverance Rover Traveling To Mars With 10.9 Million Names

Rodiano Bonacci
Marzo 28, 2020

A placard commemorating NASA's "Send Your Name to Mars" campaign was installed on the Perseverance Mars rover on March 16, 2020, at Kennedy Space Center.

As a part of NASA's "Send Your Name to Mars" marketing campaign, they've been stenciled onto 3 microchips along side essays from NASA's "Name the Rover" contest.

Scheduled to launch this summer, the rover will take along with it the names of almost 10.9 million people who earlier took part in the space organisation's campaign aimed at sending names to the Red Planet.

A total of 10,932,295 people signed up and their names are now permanently part of the Mars rover's construction. Silicon chips featuring the essays of 155 finalists from NASA's "Name the Rover" contest were also affixed to the aluminum plate, which was mounted on the rover's aft crossbeam. Scheduled to release this summer time, Perseverance will land at Jezero Crater on February 18, 2021.

The plate features an etched illustration of Mars and Earth linked by the rays of the sun.

But there has been some concern the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could have an impact on Perseverance's launch schedule. The set up used to be certainly one of a lot of fresh actions carried out by way of the Perseverance meeting, check and release operations crew. On March 21, the team began reconfiguring the rover so it can ride atop the Atlas V rocket. Steps integrated stowing the robot arm, decreasing and locking in position the faraway sensing mast and high-gain antenna, and retracting its legs and wheels.

The Perseverance rover is a robot scientist weighing slightly below 2,300 kilos (1,043 kilograms).

NASA has successfully included over 10.9 million names to its latest rover that was created to explore Mars. The agency's Launch Services Program, based at the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, is responsible for launch management.

The NASA rover is pencilled in to launch towards Mars in July. Charged with returning astronauts to the Moon by 2024, NASA will establish a sustained human presence on and around the Moon by 2028 through NASA's Artemis lunar exploration plans.

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