Last supermoon of 2020 to appear on Thursday

Rodiano Bonacci
Mag 6, 2020

Don't miss this month's supermoon - it's the last one of the year.

This year's May full moon is also called the Vesak Festival Moon, NASA says, as it corresponds to the Buddhist holiday Vesak - which honors the birth, enlightenment and passing of Gautama Buddha. But the Moon will also be "super" this week, which means astronomers expect it to be bigger and brighter than average.

The supermoon won't be the only visible cosmic event this month, either. A Supermoon is when a Full Moon occurs during the perigee- the closest point along its orbit, the Moon comes to the Earth, which makes it appear slightly larger in size.

According to NASA, the term Supermoon was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979.

According to the space agency, supermoons can appear up to 14 per cent larger and up to 30 per cent brighter than a regular full moon.

"A "super moon" is really not a well defined 'astronomical phenomenon, ' if we can even call it that", American Museum of Natural History astronomer Jackie Faherty told The Post recently.

As the moon rises above the horizon, it will likely have a darker orange hue, followed by a brilliant white color as it climbs higher in the sky overnight.

Tuesday night, at 8:03 PM PDT, the Moon will be at perigee, its closest to the Earth for this orbit.

May's full moon is known as the "Super Flower Moon". It will create a "Super Pink Moon".

This latest super moon will be at its peak Thursday at 6:45 am ET, according to NASA - but that's not the only chance for good viewing.

People who want to view the full moon as it sets, around the time of sunrise, should gaze west, while those who want to see it when it rises, around the time of sunset, should look to the east. This year are scheduled 13 such appearances of the Moon.

You will also have a hazard to observe the Supermoon online and from the comfort of your home.

The good news is skies are expected to be clear on the evening of May 7, when the supermoon will still be lighting up the night sky.

The flower moon is the last of four supermoons to light up the night sky in 2020.

Popular YouTube channels together with Slooh and Virtual Telescope are identified to host livestreams of supermoons.

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