Facebook employees can work from home permanently, says Mark Zuckerberg

Cornelia Mascio
Mag 22, 2020

As in, a pay cut. But according to Zuckerberg, productivity remains up for more than half of the company's workers. "No employee will be required to come into the office and can choose to work from home through the end of the year".

"We're setting a date for January 1 for when you either need to move back to where you were, or tell us where you are and we'll basically adjust your salary to your location at that point", Zuckerberg said.

Speaking at an internal employee town hall meeting livestreamed on Facebook, Zuckerberg said the company will take a "more measured approach to opening permanent remote work for existing employees".

"Since so much of what we build is around helping people feel connected no matter where they are - like our messaging apps, video chat and eventually virtual and augmented reality - living our values will help us accelerate the development of these technologies", noted Mr Zuckerberg. There will be "severe ramifications" for those discovered to be falsifying addresses.

Solomon, also author of the forthcoming book called "Game Changer", said that mid-tier candidates will likely be happy to have the choice between a higher salary in the Bay Area or a higher quality of life somewhere else, while the cream of the crop will get their payday regardless.

As of 2018, the median employee compensation at Facebook was more than $240,000 a year. The median home price in Menlo Park, Calif., where the tech giant has its headquarters, is $2.4 million, according to Zillow, while the median home price in the wider Bay Area was $928,000 a year ago.

Zuckerberg said that in a company survey, of the people who said they would want to work remotely full time, about 45% were "pretty confident" that they would move to another place if they had that opportunity, with an additional 30% saying they "might" move. Facebook said the disruption was only to viewers outside the company and Mr. Zuckerberg was almost done. The CEO says the the move "is going to open up a lot of new talent that previously wouldn't have considered moving to a big city", the Washington Post reports.

In an attempt to stop misinformation trolls, at the end of 2019 Facebook removed multiple accounts from its platform, including "50 Instagram accounts and one account on Facebook that originated in Russian Federation and focused primarily on the US".

The move follows a similar announcements earlier this month by social media rival Twitter and payments company Square, which were the first major tech companies to permit remote work indefinitely.

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