Sony claims PS5 is 100x faster than PS4 due to custom SSD

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Mag 23, 2020

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Sony is expected to reveal the PlayStation 5 design during an event in early June. We already compiled a list of confirmed games we can not wait to play on PS5. While we have had a trickle of news regarding Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox, it has been somewhat frustrating for fans. Apart from the announcements regarding the consoles themselves, everyone eagerly awaits the spectacle of new-age games. In a way, the ad would mimic Sony's PS4 marketing playbook, as the PS4's original design was unveiled in June 2013.

"Games for the PS5 that convey this new game experience are being made by both first and outsider engineers and we intend to present a convincing line-up of titles soon". Aside from the declarations with respect to the consoles themselves, everybody excitedly anticipates the exhibition of new-age games.

What makes PS5 reportedly 100x FASTER than PS4
BREAKDOWN The document makes some bold statements

As the company explains in the report, the SSD's high speed allows the console to deliver games with virtually no loading screens.

As you'd expect, the console's custom SSD is the key factor here. At best, these would start at $ 499, but could be even more expensive than that. The PS5 and Xbox Series X teams seem determined to wait each other out, like a siege. According to Sony's recent Corporate Strategy Meeting, it means the PS5 will run approximately 100 times faster than Sony's current-gen hardware.

"I wouldn't expect console prices until August", he tweeted. "When Intel, Nvidia, and AMD launch similar products, they wait until the last possible minute to set a price". It's the only thing that * can * change. In any case, it is as yet an urging sign to see Sony adhere to its line that the reassure stays on course. But what actually makes PS5 reportedly 100x faster than PS4? Well, retailers can accept reservations, but it's not exactly the same.

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