Sphero Spin-Off Makes Robots for First Responders, Law Enforcement, and the Military

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Mag 23, 2020

Paul Copioli is the new CEO of Sphero Inc., a Boulder-based robotics company that also announced this week it would spin off its AI and robotics business aimed at first responders into a new company called Company Six.

Sphero actually hasn't been making Star Wars toys for a little while now, despite the enduring popularity of its BB-8 toy, which was basically the only one capable of reproducing the droids trademark roll.

Sphero, most famous for its enormously successful remote-controlled version of BB-8, the characterful droid from the new trilogy of Star Wars films, has announced that it's spinning out a new company, exotically named Company Six or CO6. It will develop robots, software, and artificial intelligence systems for emergency services, government and the military, as well as "those working in risky situations".

Although Sphero did not explicitly state that Company Six will make robots for the police, it seems that such machines will become an important product for the new company.

Advanced uses can also create custom code for RVR using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and littlebits, a simple programming system for kids that Sphero developed. The startup hopes to "fundamentally transform the way first responders operate in risky environments".

In the press release, the company specifies that it will use its experience to offer "lightweight but highly advanced robotic solutions that provide a critical advantage to those we most depend on, including the police, firefighters, the military, and other risky jobs". "Our mission is to build powerful and affordable technology that we can put in the hands of as many people as possible".

Exactly what will spawn from the new venture and when the first products will result remain to be seen.

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