Mike Pence says Trump will sign executive order on police reform

Modesto Morganelli
Июня 16, 2020

His order offers federal grants to improve police practices, including creating a database to trace abuses by officers.

Floyd's was the latest case to spark outrage at the use of force by police, especially against African Americans.

Several US cities have proposed more radical reforms.

"Before the Rose Garden event, Trump met with families of some of those who lost loved ones in deadly interactions with police".

"Certainly we can add on to what we do by the work that's being done in the House and in the Senate", Trump said. The official named police departments in Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Ferguson.

"Americans want law and order", said the president during his remarks Tuesday.

We're not looking to defund the police.

After weeks of protests against racism and policy brutality prompted by the death of George Floyd, a black man killed on May 25 in police custody in Minneapolis, Trump sought to offer a policy response to rising concerns about racial injustice going into the November 3 election, in which he is seeking a second term. The killing spurred global protests led by the Black Lives Matter movement.

The executive order is supposed to address police reform, so it was curious why Trump reportedly wanted Arbery's family there at all.

President Trump hosted a roundtable with faith leaders, law enforcement officials, and small business owners at Gateway Church Dallas Campus last Thursday.

"I strongly oppose the risky efforts to defund. and dismantle our police departments", Trump said, adding that reducing crime and increasing standards are not mutually exclusive.

Central to the Republican package would be the creation of the national database to improve transparency so officers can not transfer from one department to another without public oversight of their records.

Protesters take a knee on Flatbush Avenue in front of a line of New York City police officers
Mr Trump's executive order comes after weeks of protests across the United States

It also would encourage them to use less-lethal weapons such as stun guns.

According to a senior White House official, who spoke on condition of not being identified, Trump's executive order was meant to deliver "the discussion that the country needs to have. and hopefully bring some unification and some healing". He said chokeholds would still be permitted if an officer's life is in danger. "We grieve together and we heal together", he said.

Asked about the legislative efforts Monday, Trump said: "Maybe they can get something passed".

The president has also condemned George Floyd's death, but rejected suggestions of ingrained racism in police forces.

Following the announcement, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called on lawmakers to pass bolder legislation.

More sweeping overhauls to the nation's policing are under consideration in Congress. The two officials briefed reporters on the executive order on the condition that they not be identified.

He has called himself a law-and-order president and taken a hard-line approach on the protestors.

The president's power over policing is limited because forces are largely controlled at a state and local level.

The reform to send social workers on some calls would be geared toward homeless people and people with mental health and addiction problems.

Trump noted that a number of police unions and professional associations have endorsed his executive action, including federal officers, police chiefs, county sheriffs, district attorneys, the Fraternal Order of the Police and the Sergeants Benevolent Association, among others. These include a "duty to intervene" if a police officer sees misconduct by a colleague.

One of the officials said the administration feared such a step would "disincentivize police from going to high-crime areas" and would cause crime to rise.

Trump's decision to ban chokeholds appears similar to the ban included in the Democratic legislation, known as the Justice in Policing Act.

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