Sinovac says its Covid-19 vaccine generated immune responses

Modesto Morganelli
Giugno 17, 2020

The novel coronavirus pandemic can't be stopped without proper treatment.

That's the bad news.

Notably, vaccines prevent up to 3 million deaths from infectious diseases every year but there are hardly any that are 100% effective. They have also bought the world precious time, which allowed researchers to advance trials for COVID-19 treatments. We saw an increase in studies of existing meds that could be useful in COVID-19 therapies.

Rather than fixate on the January 1 deadline, the Warp Speed "aspiration" is now that "by the height of flu season next year we have enough vaccines and we have vaccinated those who are vulnerable - and desire a vaccine - to protect as much life as possible", the first official said.

Human trials of this vaccine are now taking place.

DSO chief executive officer Cheong Chee Hoo said: "While still in its experimental phase, this discovery is an important milestone in Singapore's fight against and managing life with Covid-19 until a vaccine is available".

Preliminary results from the Phase 1 study released in mid-May demonstrated positive immunogenicity and safety.

Last week, the British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved the start of the vaccine's Phase III trials, after studies showed it had sufficient effectiveness and safety. The seroconversion rate for the 14-day and 21-day schedule of the mid-dose was 97.6%.

The clinical trials started on April 12 in Wuzhi county, Henan province, and the volunteers were divided into groups to receive different doses of the vaccine and at intervals of 14, 21 and 28 days.

Sinovac is using a killed version of the virus to generate the same immune response as a real infection.

By vaccinating people with AZD1222 (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19), scientists believe the body will recognize and develop an immune response to the Spike protein that will help stop the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus from entering human cells and therefore, prevent an infection.

He pointed out that the virus is hard to deal with once it penetrates cells, with antibodies only able to deal with the virus before it reaches the cells.

The Company disclosed that it had signed a debt financing agreement of almost €100 million with the EIB (European Investment Bank) to support the development of its COVID-19 vaccine program.

The trials are the first human tests of a new technology that researchers say could transform vaccine development by enabling rapid responses to emerging diseases such as the Covid-19 infection caused by the new coronavirus.

As per the previous disclosure on 11 June 2020, Sinovac revealed its partnership with Instituto Butantan in Brazil for planning and conducting a Phase 3 clinical trial. Brazil is now the world's new COVID-19 epicenter. Brazil is home to the second largest outbreak in the world with the most recent data showing it has almost 850,000 cases.

Chinese vaccine makers have been looking for other markets to test their vaccine candidates as local COVID-19 outbreaks have been contained.

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