NASA Astronaut Loses Wrist Mirror During Works Outside ISS

Rodiano Bonacci
Giugno 30, 2020

As soon as he changed a battery pack weighing 194 pounds on the outside of the global space station, a small mirror attached to his suit, broke off and sailed into space.

According to the USA outlet, Cassidy, while coming out of the airlock to begin works on the ISS outer surface, reported that the small mirror had somehow come off the sleeve of his spacesuit and floated into space at a speed of about a mile per hour.

Astronaut Chris Cassidy (Chris Cassidy) lost mirror during a spacewalk to fix the ISS.

Spacewalking astronauts wear wrist mirror on both their suit sleeves to get a better view of things while stepping out of the space station.

This was the first of the planned four spacewalks for the battery changing process at the International Space Station. They have four more to plug in before the job is complete.

These battery replacements started in 2017, with previous astronauts placing 18 batteries made from the lithium-ion compound. It is hard to work with since each battery is about a meter tall and wide, and weighs 400 pounds each.

Throughout July, before Benkhen travels back to Earth in August, the spacewalks will continue. Behnken and Doug Hurley made history at the end of May with SpaceX's first astronaut launch. This was the seventh spacewalk for these astronauts in their careers. Each has spent about 40 hours out in the vacuum of space.

According to Mission Control, the mirror went detached from the spacesuit of Cassidy.

"Everything has to be cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day, so a special shoutout to the custodial staff at the Johnson Space Center", he said.

The two spacewalks will be the 228th and 229th in support of space station assembly, maintenance and upgrades, NASA said. "I'm sure we'll run into him in his future line of work", Behnken said. The AP is exclusively responsible for all content.

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