Astronomers find huge galactic wall concealed powering Milky Way

Rodiano Bonacci
Luglio 17, 2020

The whole Universe is not a random scattering of galaxies sprinkled throughout an expanding void. The Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall, which stretches across 10 billion light-years, which is equal to about one-tenth of the diameter of the entire visible universe, is now the largest structure ever.

A team of researchers discovered the largest cosmic structure near the Milky Way Galaxy.

To put the discovery into perspective, a single light-year measures more than 6.2 trillion miles (9.5 trillion km).

It was found out when experts saw galaxies in diverse directions about it impacted by its gravitational pull.

But the South Pole Wall is something odd because it's close to the Milky Way appearing just 500 million light-years away. It has been named The South Pole Wall.

The reason why the big galaxy was not spotted until now is that it was hidden behind what it is known as the Zone of Avoidance or Zone of Galactic Obscuration, which is the Milky Way galactic plane.

"When our visualizations indicated one thing heading on at the celestial South Pole, we ended up surprised", Paris-Saclay University in France cosmographer Daniel Pomarède, advised Vice in an electronic mail. They believe that further studies and mapping projects of the entire universe would provide more accurate information regarding the actual size of the cosmic structure. They used a database called Cosmicflows-3 containing distance calculations to almost 18,000 galaxies.

By using the Cosmicflows-3, the researchers were able to keep track of the movements of galaxies behind the Zone of Avoidance.

The thickest area is located over the South Pole - this zone is the section that is 500 million light-years away.

3D maps of the universe have revealed that the recently discovered South Pole Wall is one of the biggest cosmic structures ever found. Then it bends north and towards the Earth, coming within 300 million light-years of the Milky Way. "Scientists have a clear idea that" what the South Pole Wall is".

The wall is the most significant composition identified within just a 650 million light-weight-yr radius from Earth, Pomarède stated, in accordance to Vice.

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