How to spot 5 planets and the crescent moon without a telescope

Rodiano Bonacci
Luglio 18, 2020

"Viewers can expect to see a very bright Venus, a crescent moon, the well-known constellation Orion, the Hunter, with the brightest star of the night sky - Sirius - further along, " Mr Rigby said. Not only has the comet NEOWISE created a buzz, but the International Space Station has also been quite visible.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the moon, will be close enough and bright enough to spot with the naked eye on Sunday, NASA said. A skywatching tool, like Google Sky or Star Walk, may help eager viewers locate the planets in the sky.

To the right of the crescent moon will be Mercury.

Using a pair of binoculars you should be able to spot two bright comet tails, one made of gas, the other of rock and minerals. "Mars is the lone "star" in the southeast, and Jupiter and Saturn are the stars in the southwest", Hunt says.

The Mercury will, however, be a little bit hard to spot, and one might need the help of telescope and binoculars to see it. Mercury will also be visible 45 minutes before sunrise in the northeast direction, right of the moon. All you will need to do is wake up at the break of dawn; you will not even require any additional equipment. It should look slightly reddish and won't twinkle like a star.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are also in the sky between Venus and Jupiter, but a telescope is necessary to see these planets.

Speaking to CNET, he said, "Step outside early in the morning, at least an hour before sunrise", Hunt said. It is also important to note that Jupiter leaves the sky quickly.

IBTimes reported that the planets and the moon are likely to appear in the sky around an hour before sunrise on Sunday.

About 45 minutes before sunrise, Mercury will appear in the northeast.

Five planets and the moon should be visible early on Friday. "To get all four visible like that is a very attractive sight".

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