Billy Joel playing a discarded piano is how happy we need now

Brunilde Fioravanti
Luglio 19, 2020

Via Billy Joel was supposed to play Fenway Park for the 7th straight Summer on August 28th, but then the world of concerts went on hold because of Coronavirus.

Cellphone video sneakily taken of Joel shows the 71-year-old, five-time Grammy victor casually performing a complicated song - identified by fans as Shelton Brooks' 1917 ragtime roll "Darktown Strutters' Ball" - in a helmet with a backpack last month.

Joel, still wearing a motorcycle helmet after pulling to the side of the road, wondered why the piano sat on the sidewalk in the first place. And the finish is beat.

In a now viral video dated June 26, Billy Joel can be seen stopping to tickle the ivories of a discarded wooden piano left on a sidewalk in the community of Huntington.

As he examined the condition of the keys and mechanics after his impromptu show, the five-time Grammy victor concluded it was a 'perfectly good piano'.

Joel didn't test out the instrument with one of his own songs, but rather with some ragtime piano. "It's a shame to throw it out; should at least be donated to St. Vincent de Paul or something".

After someone suggests a thrift store nearby, he agrees, 'They'd probably take it'. "These are laminated keys, the pedals work, the action is great". Touching a random, unknown, trashed piano in the middle of a pandemic? "Very exciting. After a couple of years, you're Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman". Before the quarantine canceled future shows, he'd been making Madison Square Garden history by playing at the storied New York City arena once a month for six years.

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