National Ice Cream Day 2020: Famous brands reveal most popular flavors

Cornelia Mascio
Luglio 19, 2020

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"An ice cream a day keeps all the tensions away!"

Historians believe the ancient Chinese were the first to ever develop a cool, creamy treat that resembles what we enjoy today. In the 1500s, ice product started off to spread by Europe, even though at first only aristocrats could afford it. In present day bucks, that's a lot of money.

Did Prohibition truly strengthen ice product sales?

It can be legitimate.

It's true. When Prohibition banned alcohol sales, Americans turned to ice cream as a fun alternative.

Our love for ice cream goes way, way back.

According to IICMA, one of such false rumour doing rounds on the internet is "can corona be caused due to ice cream" or any frozen dessert, which has been clarified and confirmed that the ice cream is not responsible for causing COVID-19.

The New York Times' Wirecutter recommends this ice cream maker after testing 17 different models over the course of 6 years.

It's a month into summer, and we're celebrating National Ice Cream Day.

This is just a reminder to you that National Ice Cream Day is here and it is time for you to treat me with a yummilicous ice cream as a gift to me on this wonderful day as I send you my best wishes on this lovely day.

Then, starting July 22 through 26, the company ups the ante by providing a year's supply of ice cream.

The proclamation - No. 5219, to be exact - describes "a wholesome and healthful food, appreciated by in excess of 90 percent of the men and women in the United States".

Although we cannot vouch for his stats, it can sound pretty accurate.

If you imagine that is a ton, multiply it by 329 million Us residents.

What is actually the most well known flavor of ice product in the US?

According to a representative from Breyers, customers' favorite flavors are natural vanilla, chocolate, a Neapolitan blend of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, followed by Oreo, mint with chocolate chips, butter nut, and natural strawberry.

That's not all. You can also get it nitrogen-blasted, hand-rolled, or charcoal-infused.

Try out a range of ice cream flavors by joining eCreamery's Flavor of the Month subscription. Biotech corporation Best Day debuted a lab-grown dairy ice cream that uses genetic engineering to recreate the proteins ordinarily discovered in cow's milk.

Still, the top flavor in the US?

So, this week-end, don't think of one's sweet tooth as a guilty pleasure, but as a patriotic duty.

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