The Henry Cavill computer video that broke the internet

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Luglio 19, 2020

Their fans have known for a while that is a big geek, one of the last tests that he has provided is his video of containment where you can see the painting of miniatures from Warhammer.

And 3.4 million views later, the reply section has exploded with comments calling the clip "a new kind of porn" and wondering, "what else can these hands do"? His hashtags included "all night long" and "all the parts", he surely is making his fans to drool and feel blessed. The video is what you could watch all day without getting exhausted.

What's more, he even puts the video on slow-mo for when he's "wiping" certain parts of the PC.

"The simple fact that Henry Cavill can do pretty much just about anything random like setting up a laptop and it'll still be the hottest point at any time is just so powerful", a lover tweeted. This brings us in at just over 4700 bucks for his gaming setup.

Between the careful connection of parts and the Barry White playing over it, The Witcher and Justice League star building a PC is a very sensual experience.

Indeed, your Witcher (and Superman) is an avid Personal computer gamer, and nowadays he's using gain of the COVID-19 pandemic to prove it to admirers by fulfilling previous year's guarantee to develop his own customized gaming Pc in the most seductive way a chiseled gentleman devoid of a suitable cinematographer can.

"Glad we all agree that the video of Henry Cavill building a pc in a tank top is NSFW", another Twitter user said. He had hinted about his PC building project at home back in December past year. His interest in such fields can be seen from the posts on his Instagram handle in the past.

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