After High Profile Hack On Twitter, Indian Government Issued Notice

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Luglio 20, 2020

"Twitter is a particularly concerning attack for election misinformation and so that's yet one more reason for us to be anxious", he stated. On a Twitter message is called a Bitcoin account was quickly sends cryptocurrency to the value of over 100 000 dollars.

A number of high profile Twitter accounts including that of USA presidential hopeful Joe Biden, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates and of Apple were simultaneously hacked on Wednesday by attackers to carry out what appeared to be a cryptocurrency scam.

A screen capture of conversation between hacker "ever so anxious" and "Kirk", discussing the sale of compromised Twitter accounts. This is also to keep a tab on whether or not the affected users have been informed by Twitter about the unauthorised access to their Twitter accounts. Social engineering is a process by which people intentionally manipulated into spilling out insider information.

The Accounts of Celebrities should be protected with complex passwords, as well as the so-called Two-factor authentication, with the addition of a freshly schickter Code for the login is on another device.

A screen shot sent by Kirk to a customer showing Twitter's back end for the @R9 account.

Business was brisk for the hackers as customers started pouring in and the prices that Kirk demanded for the handles went up. In the story, "lol" did not confirm his identity but revealed he lived on the West Coast of the USA and was in his 20s. Shortly after last week's hack, it emerged that the breach was an inside job: a rogue employee was able to change the email addresses associated with the affected accounts, disable additional security measures and reset passwords, all without the victims knowing. The magnitude of the attack suggested that, this time, not as in previous cases, such a with Twitter Accounts linked, the App was used, but for direct systems of Twitter have been used. We're embarrassed, we're disappointed, and more than anything, we're sorry.

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