Melbourne to enter stage four lockdown — STATE OF DISASTER

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Agosto 2, 2020

Within the same period, residents of Melbourne are not allowed to travel beyond five kilometres (3.1 miles) from their residence, and only one person per household is allowed to shop for groceries once a day. The state, whose capital is Sydney, recorded 12 new cases on Sunday. "That means it's fresh air". It's in your local neighbourhood.

Recreational activity will no longer be allowed. "It's no longer three sets of tennis, or a game of golf, or any of that".

Andrews said hospital nurses had now worked more than 570 shifts in care homes. "Those exemptions around partners sharing custody arrangements, those exemptions are common sense framework, that is unchanged".

Rules around funerals are unchanged, but weddings not be allowed unless for "compassionate reasons", for example if a person has only limited time left to live.

An evening curfew will be implemented across Melbourne from 8.00pm to 5.00am every day, starting tonight, forbidding anyone from leaving the home except for working, receiving or giving care.

"Police will be out in force, and you will be stopped, and you will be asked, and you will need to demonstrate that you have a lawful reason for being out after curfew", Andrews said.

Regional Victoria will move to stage-three restrictions from Thursday, meaning restaurants, cafes, bars and gyms will close from midnight.

Moves being considered as part of the stage four response include an nearly total shutdown of Melbourne's bus, tram and rail networks, stricter rules that would force residents to stay even closer to their homes and the shutdown of many more businesses.

All students across the state will return to home-based learning and childcare centres will be closed.

'Special schools will remain open for those who really need to be in those settings'.

More restrictions on businesses will be announced on Monday, the state premier added.

Andrews said his government was deeply anxious that 49 "mystery cases" identified on Saturday could indicate the virus was spreading widely through the Melbourne community and confirmed he was in discussions with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison about tougher restrictions.

"These are big steps but they're necessary". We've got to limit the amount of movement, therefore limiting the amount of transmission of this virus. "I'm not making any commitments on that and not suggesting if we got to a certain threshold we'd be able to go back to these restrictions prior to me standing up today or another level", he said, according to the Guardian.

Announcements on work will come tomorrow.

Andrews said further restrictions were needed to act as a "circuit breaker" to curb community transmission, as he acknowledged tougher restriction would take an economic toll.

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