Seven Hong Kong VPN providers accused of exposing private user data

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Agosto 2, 2020

Well, according to a report by vpnMentor, most of these VPN apps were insecure and the personal data of millions of users who installed them on their phones has been leaked. Such VPN applications are still available in the Play Store as of now, and only Rabbit VPN has been dropped.

One of the providers, UFO VPN, claimed that it couldn't lock down its data quickly due to pandemic-related staff changes. "The exposed information includes plain text passwords and information that could be used to identify VPN users and track their online activity".

Many VPN services have data centres in Hong Kong, but the new law requires businesses to hand over data when requested. It also preserved that the logs were being only made use of for functionality monitoring and have been supposedly anonymized. These so-called free VPN apps include the UFOVPN, FreeVPN, SuperVPN, SecureVPN, FlashVPN, RabbitVPN, and FASTVPN. This amounts to 894GB of leaked data.

Remember how hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris were using Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications to access blocked websites months after the government suspended internet in Jammu and Kashmir previous year.

Others, such as Proton VPN, recommend enabling extra security (in Proton's case, the Secure Core feature) which routes your connection through multiple servers.This increases your privacy and makes it virtually impossible for authorities to match up your activity with your identity.

The report further stated that the team found that VPNs share an Elasticssearch server and have a single recipient for payments, which is Dreamfii HK Limited.

Once UFO VPN was informed about the leak, it reportedly fixed the issue. If you're involved about the privacy of your facts, it may perhaps be improved to stick to big brand names.

Why are VPN servers being removed from Hong Kong?

That's not to say that VPNs don't certainly have their use, but folks need to exercise some good judgement and spend a little time reading and comparing recommendations from respected outlets before putting their behavior data into the hands of total randos half a world away. This combined has led to a breach worth 1.2TB user data.

If you use any of the seven VPNs we suggest you change your account password or switch to a more secure VPN service provider.

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