3 charged in Chili's hostess attack caught on video in La

Modesto Morganelli
Agosto 16, 2020

"She pushed me, and I pushed her back", Wallace said, speaking of one of the women in the group.

Louisiana high school honor student Kelsy Wallace told WBRZ that her general manager instructed employees to not sit more than six people per table.

Unfortunately, the scenario just intensified from there. I was kind of fighting for my life. "I'm 17-years-old. They're like, 20, 30, and the woman that pushed me looked like she was 40. And all everybody who they was with just started hitting me, and the lady who pushed me first, she takes the wet floor sign, cocks back, and hits me with it in my eye", Wallace said.

"I was just trying to follow the rules and make sure that I wasn't going to get in trouble", Wallace said.

Baton Rouge police booked Tammy Dabney, 48, on a charge of aggravated second-degree battery, while Erica Dabney, 46, and Rodneka Dabney, 27, face charges of simply battery and disturbing the peace, The Advocate reported. Clearly perturbed by what happened to her, Wallace added, "As I'm laying on the bed, this keeps replaying in my head".

Wallace told WAFB the women pulled the hair from her scalp and caused a gash above her eye that required stitches. We are supposed to separate them, ' said Wallace.

In addition to physical pain, she said she's shocked and embarrassed. "I don't think they should get away with this". "Like this is just overwhelming".

I am firm believer that ever since the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen the best in people and also we have seen the worst as a Baton Rouge teen is recovering from a vicious beating at the hands of patrons over social distancing guidelines.

"She was very scared and embarrassed about what happened", Williams said. Her family said she is now "afraid to return to work to continue help defray the cost of her senior activities and college expenses".

Wallace's family created a GoFundMe page to cover Wallace's future endeavors. However, the alleged attackers were gone by the time officers arrived at the restaurant.

'We care deeply for every ChiliHead and are disappointed by the incident that took place at our Baton Rouge Chili's on August 9. Violent behavior is obviously not tolerated from guests or team members in the building.

The statement continued, "Following this unprovoked attack, we immediately provided medical attention to our Team Member and called the local police department who is looking into this situation".

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