Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyers Complain About ‘Uniquely Onerous Conditions’ In Solitary Confinement

Brunilde Fioravanti
Agosto 16, 2020

Neither is known for the salubriousness of its accommodation, and acclimatizing to her new environment has no doubt been hard for Maxwell, whose trial is set to begin in 11 months.

Jeffrey Epstein's suspected "pimp" Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers sent a motion to the NY federal judge assigned to the case requesting that she be released into the Metropolitan Detention Centre's general population so she can "meaningfully participate in her own defence", Fox News reported, citing the letter.

Arguing that she's been "treated worse" than other prisoners "as a result of what occurred with Mr Epstein", Maxwell's lawyers claimed in a letter sent Monday that the "uniquely onerous conditions" of her imprisonment are preventing her from participating in her own defense.

Maxwell, 58, has pleaded not guilty to helping the disgraced financier Epstein recruit and eventually abuse three girls from 1994 to 1997, and committing perjury by denying her involvement under oath.

She is also kept alone under 24-hour surveillance, and the guards take notes on every single thing that she does, including her conversations with her defense team, which the attorneys say is a violation of her rights.

News reports that Maxwell's attorneys this week made a court filing in which they said she has faced "uniquely onerous conditions" in New York's Metropolitan Detention Center ever since she was arrested last month and charged with conspiracy to entice minors to travel and engage in illegal sex acts. She is now still being watched at all hours of the day and night by surveillance cameras, in addition to frequent checks by security guards; of those guards, many of them "do not appear to be regular MDC personnel", the filing reportedly reads.

"Ms. Maxwell does not seek special treatment at the MDC; but she does ask that she not be specially disfavored in her treatment in detention, especially when it comes to preparing her defense to conduct that allegedly took place over 25 years ago".

Maxwell has also been forced to endure frequent searches of her cell on a daily basis as well as body scans, her lawyers said. They are also asking that she be afforded more computer time.

After a long period in hiding, the former British socialite was arrested in New Hampshire early last month and charged with helping Epstein to lure young girls.

Ghislaine Maxwell's attorneys appear to think that she will be safe in the general population of the prison where she's staying, along with all of the other inmates. "She pretended to be a woman they could trust".

On August 10 he was found unconscious in his cell with injuries to his neck and later died in what was officially ruled a suicide. "All the while, she was setting them up to be abused sexually by Epstein and, in some cases, Maxwell herself".

"It has become apparent that the BOP's treatment of Ms. Maxwell is a reaction to the circumstances surrounding the pretrial detention and death of Mr. Epstein", they write.

They said further that Maxwell was blindsided when prosecutors quoted from the deposition in her indictment, and accusing Giuffre of leaking the deposition to the government.

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