Meghan Markle Blames "Toxicity" Of Journalism For Inability To Truly Find Freedom

Brunilde Fioravanti
Agosto 16, 2020

"To come back and to just see this state of affairs, I think at the onset, if I'm being honest, it was just devastating", Meghan shared. Meghan and Harry have also began reshaping the nonprofit formerly known as the Sussex Royal Foundation, so their work will continue beyond Buckingham Palace. "It was so sad to see where our country was in that moment", she said to Emily Ramshaw during a virtual summit on race and gender this past Friday (August 14).

She said her impressions of her home country - she was born and raised in Los Angeles - weren't all bleak. "[My feeling] shifted from sadness to a feeling of absolute inspiration, because I can see that the tide is turning".

"From my standpoint, it's not new to see this undercurrent of racism and certainly unconscious bias, but I think to see the changes that are being made right now is really - it's something I look forward to being a part of", Meghan continued. "So, yeah, it's fantastic to be home".

Over the past year the mother-of-one and her husband Prince Harry have openly criticised publications, even launching legal action against the Mail on Sunday after "the intrusive and unlawful publication" of a private letter, written by the duchess.

"I feel we have grow to be so - regrettably - comfortable with the plan that we are just finding all this stuff, and it gets sounds as opposed to fact and accurate journalism", she stated.

"He wanted to see the props department, and Meghan was more than happy to take him on a little tour with some of her close friends from the show", a production staffer of the show told the writer duo.

"There is so much toxicity out there in what is being referred to as - my husband and I talk about it often - the economy for attention", Markle said during the interview. "I also know that so a lot of adult men and ladies have put their lives on the line for us to be heard. And that opportunity, that fundamental right, is in our ability to exercise our right to vote and to make all of our voices heard".

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