More Details On New Bedford's School Reopening Plan

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Agosto 16, 2020

It has also updated its plans to allow some rural districts in counties with low coronavirus cases to open schools, regardless of whether OR has met a statewide threshold for containing cases.

"So it's pretty apparent by holding the board meeting during the school day that teacher voices weren't valued in the board meeting and so it's kind of been emblematic of this entire process", says GJHS teacher, Coady Schawcroft.

It's getting more attention, given the uncertainty of the upcoming school year.

The Philadelphia school district, the state's largest school system, said it will continue to offer transportation to students at private and charter schools. As the American Academy of Pediatrics has noted, students lose on so many levels when schools turn to remote learning, with the harshest effects felt by those who have always been poorly served by public schools.

The province has not yet mandated smaller classrooms and has consistently said that it is up to each school board to decide how big classrooms should be.

New Bedford Public Schools this week released more details about the planned reopening of schools in September.

"If school boards want to stagger the opening, to mitigate having a mass volume of students entering schools on the first day, that seems prudent". "Why can't the teachers' unions get along with us?".

The reintegration plan recommended to the school board Tuesday provides a districtwide framework, but each school would have more detailed plans that vary based on their individual circumstances.

Phase III begins on October 5 when Cohort B, which will consist of Transition Grades Pre-K, K, 6, and 9 returning for a hybrid schedule of classroom and distance learning.

The third option is a fully remote return with students learning from home all five days.

Under the guidelines, all students in Grades 4 to 12 will be required to wear non-medical cloth masks indoors, while students in kindergarten to Grade 3 will be encouraged to use masks.

We know at least 25 students and teachers are in quarantine because of four positive coronavirus cases. The Ontario Premier went on the offensive saying he doesn't understand why they won't cooperate with his government.

"This allows our parents to return to work, and know that their child has a safe to be and support for their distance learning", said Newman.

"We hope to leave our students and parents with a sense of normalcy. and ensure there will be no loss of learning".

Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education Jeffrey Riley instructed school districts across the state to come up with plans for remote, hybrid, and in-person learning so they are prepared no matter what happens with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Newcastle Public Schools will continue with in-person classes after an elementary school class was quarantined. "But in the end, a lot of this is in the community's hands. So every opportunity that you have to say, 'Help us stop the spread or slow the spread, ' that's what it's going to take".

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