Vinyl records outsell CDs for the first time since 1986

Brunilde Fioravanti
Settembre 15, 2020

Vinyl records accounted for US$232.1 million of music sales in the first half of the year, compared to CDs, which brought in only $129.9 million, according to a report from the Recording Industry Association of America. Vinyl sales represented 62% of the physical total, marking the first time LPs have topped CDs since the '80s.

Bloomberg says that vinyl sales have been rising steadily in the USA since 2005, with a combination of nostalgia and a love of the hi-fidelity sound helping push the market higher. This year, vinyl sales have outpaced CD sales in the United States for the first time since the 1980s.

"Vinyl documents, also called" records pressed wax", were commonplace prior to other formats, including cassette tapes and CDs, be the favored way of listening to audio. Will vinyls' resurgence continue? Each new format was more convenient than the last and suppressed interest in vinyl.

"It's hard to believe that four and a half months after Music From The Home Front first etched its moment in history, the long-awaited release of the triple vinyl album, together with the CD and downloads, returns this fantastic album back to #1 on the ARIA chart", said Mushroom Group boss Michael Gudinski. In the first half of this year, body sales fell 23% to $ 376 million as the epidemic continued to stifle music industry regulations. Concerts and visits to music stores have all but disappeared.

For streaming providers independently, more listeners are ready to pay to perform. Paid streaming service subscriptions, such as Spotify and Apple Music, increased by 24%, RIAAreported.

Streaming, which includes revenue streaming, ad-supported streaming and streaming radio revenue, increased by 12% to $ 4.8 billion in the first six months of 2020, the RIAA found. This creates streaming the music format, accounting for over 85percent of music industry earnings.

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