Nebraska president may have accidentally leaked Big Ten decision on hot mic

Paola Ditto
Settembre 16, 2020

"We're getting ready to announce the Huskers and Big Ten football tonight", Carter said. There's a lot of anticipation about that. "Maybe that will get off your plate".

"I think that was picked up a little out of context", Carter told KLKN television.

Carter, who is not one of the 14 presidents and chancellors who will vote on the decision, was later asked about the conversation made on the hot mic.

In the conversation, Carter was heard talking to Hinson about an announcement coming on Tuesday night.

The development is the latest in a long string of them that, over the last couple of weeks, has endlessly suggested that games would be played after all before the end of 2020, even if an original vote by the Big Ten's Council of Chancellors and Presidents was initially 11-3 in favor of postponing back on August 11, according to a court filing in a lawsuit that pits the conference against a handful of Nebraska players.

The conference has been in a holding pattern following Sunday's meeting of campus leaders to review a comprehensive presentation on medical developments, television contracts and scheduling by the Big Ten's return to play committee.

A court filing earlier this month disclosed that Big Ten presidents and chancellors voted 11-3 in favor of postponing all fall sports. Ohio State and Nebraska made it clear they were against the decision and Iowa was reportedly the other dissenting vote.

"There were several main reasons for that", Blank said via videoconference.

Blank, speaking Tuesday at a U.S. Senate hearing on the future of college athlete compensation, said the Big Ten would continue the postponement until questions about testing, contact tracing and heart issues related to COVID-19 could be answered.

There have been various reports about when a vote will take place, how it will turn out and if there could be some Big Ten schools that choose not to play this fall even if others do.

A potential start date of October 17 is one option being discussed, according to sources, and likely would allow Big Ten teams to complete an eight- or nine-game regular season before the College Football Playoff selections are made. The medical subcommittee of the Big Ten's Return to Play taskforce did meet with some presidents and chancellors Sunday, however, to present new medical information that could help the schools that want to play find a total of nine votes of approval, which would satisfy the 60-percent requirement found in the Big Ten bylaws, according to ESPN.

Six Big Ten teams appeared in the AP preseason poll, including No. 2 Ohio State and No. 7 Penn State.

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